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It was obvious almost from the moment of her birth that Jeannine would go to Orchis House. She was a gloriously happy baby, laughing and cooing at all that caught her eye. Born to Valerian House adepts, in the heart of the Night Court itself, she is intended for Naamah's service, and duly trained in the arts of the Court. (They do not even attempt the test of the candies, not with her. She is, quietly, spoken for; she is a child of joy and laughter, and Orchis it will be.) Though the scholarly ways are lost on her, she finds the arts of etiquette and grace are as natural as any could have wished. The story of Blessed Elua and his Companions, she adores, and begs it out of their priest of Elua as many times as he will tell it. Sparkling blue eyes and eager smiles do their work as well on Elua's priests as on any other, and Jeannine hears the story no small number of times.

At ten, she departs for her new household in Orchis House. They have paid surety for her since she was a child; now she is theirs in truth. She finds the other children as bright and lively as she, and delights in their company. As a group they are rather mischievous, in truth, but as long as they play with good nature and light hearts, their antics are not much discouraged.

At thirteen, she is formally dedicated to Naamah's service at last. Her dove is a small but cheerful one, true to the spirit of her dedicate, and flies over Elua's temple with ease- one and all rejoice in her good fortune. Instructions in the arts of Naamah is added to her schooling.

At sixteen, she begins her marque. She falls in love with the design from the moment she lays eyes on it; it's a shower of roses falling down her back. Here and there hides a thorn, a testament to her origins in Valerian, but the flowers are beautiful shades of pink and purple and float and spiral down her spine. She adores it. Slowly, so slowly, she makes progress on the tattoo itself; she may not be the finest adept of her generation, but she is talented indeed. She does not lack in willing patrons to leave her a patron-gift towards the marque's creation. She is becoming known, to those with the inclination to know, as a particularly fine example of the Orchis canon.
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Deep in the wilds of Camlach, a horse is picking its way through the forest trails. The rider is wrapped in his cloak, long and luxurious and well-made, to protect him and his satchel as they brave the mountains to Skaldia. The road from Kusheth is long indeed, and they are tired; they will be glad enough to stop for the night. But not just yet. Ahead is the river, and the little wooden bridge that spans it. It is but a few leagues past the bridge to the clearing he is seeking, and there they can rest.


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